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If you decide to have a relative add you to one of their credit cards as an authorized user to help boost your credit score purposes, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of. First Your relative card must be in excellent standing, be at least two years old, and have a relatively low balance relative to the card limit. Secondly, keep in mind that once you are an authorized user your credit score will reflect anything that your Relative does with the subject account. It would be very helpful for your Relative to inform you if then plan any unusual use of the card

You can recover from a bankruptcy. And you can do so fairly quickly. If you combine credit repair with a little credit rebuilding and careful debt management, there is no reason that your credit scores cannot cross the 700 mark within two years.…

You are allowed to dispute anything on your credit report that does not look right to you. But credit repair is not about removing legitimate information.

Judgment Reporting Limits

Having said that, here is some information that might aid your credit repair project.… An unpaid judgment can continue to report for seven years from the filing date, or its statute of limitation, whichever is longer (statutes of limitation on judgments can be quite long – 20 years in many states). A paid judgment, on the other hand, can report for seven years from the filing date. This means that if you have an old judgment, over 7 years old, paying it off will remove it from your credit report.


If you have defaulted student loans you should do something about them as soon as possible. There are good reasons to do so, and it is not as scary as it sounds.

if you are in default on a student loan it is collectable forever. And every day that passes adds a little more to your balance.

Fortunately, there are a couple of credit repair solutions that can eliminate collection activity, remove your default status, and even reduce your interest rate and payments. If you are in our credit repair program, we will advise you of the available options.

There is no doubt that new credit cards are absolutely essential to your credit. Without the new cards your credit scores will flounder. And the new card is capable of rocketing your scores up. But you must give it enough time to deliver and report to the credit bureaus, and equally important, you must manage them properly. When you open a new credit card your credit scores will fall when it is initially reported to the credit bureaus. While your credit card is new and untested the FICO model will lower your scores as a warning to prospective lenders. The downward pressure on your scores will last between two and four months depending on the overall content of your report. After the fourth month you will start to realize a significant credit repair benefit in the form of higher scores.

Make Timely Payments

It is also essential to your credit repair results that you manage your cards very carefully. As powerful and beneficial as your new cards are equally capable of wrecking your scores if you make late payments or run your balances up too high. You are in a credit repair program because you want to improve your credit so make sure your payments are made promptly. You might consider setting up automatic payments.

Keep Your Balances Low

You must also keep your payments low. The FICO scoring model is very sensitive to the relationship between your revolving balances and the account limits. For the best results only use 20 percent of the full amount of the cards limit. If your scores are down because of high balances, no worry, there is no lasting credit repair damage. Just pay them down and your scores will pop right up.

There Are Many Benefits

Credit repair can make a major difference in your financial life. In addition to the significant financial benefits that come from having great credit there are many psychological benefits as well. But credit repair cannot do everything! Credit repair can help educate you and assist you with 35% of your credit report. 65% you must do your due diligence to keep it maintained.

Other Options

Credit repair is not a solution for someone that cannot pay their bills. Credit repair is not an alternative to consumer credit counseling or bankruptcy. If you are unable to keep up with your current bills you should explore all of your options including speaking with a bankruptcy attorney.

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