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Our Mission is to assist one teach one. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the key financial fundamental tools to obtain and invest in life economic decisions. We are here to assist you in achieving your life Dreams and turning them into realization; if it’s from wanting to build generational wealth, to buying a new home, to picking the luxury car you’ve always wanted etc.… Or just keeping financial and credit stability. Peals is here to lead the way!


Easy on boarding We will help recover your report and we will review over the specific details of your report history with you. We will analyze your positive items and identify your negatives an explain how to optimize your report by using our techniques. You are billed nothing until this is completed and you’ve decided to move forward with our services. Truly no obligation, whether or not you sign up we bet you’ll learn something.


PEALS performs a full analysis of your credit history; challenges the damage you disagree with and sets you up with a plan to build positive credit. Peals work in a 45-day cycle. The Credit Bureaus investigate the challenges received and press the creditors to defend the items they placed on your history that you disagree with. During this time period you will be implementing our plan for building the necessary credit to boost your credit score. Within 45 days the credit bureaus will release a new credit report to show the changes made. Your account page is updated with a progress report showing the overall changes.

See Your Results- you have access to a client portal to see real time progress. Just CLICK the link HERE:


Your Credit consist of 5 parts:
1-Payment History 35%
2-mounts Owed 30%
3-Length of credit History 15%
4-New Credit 10%
5-Types of Credit 10%
During a credit consultation, you should be educated to know that upon services the Company is Only responsible for 35% of your credit and the other 65% is your responsibility. The Company will go over everything with you during your initial consultation.


Credit tips

Recovering from difficult times it is hard to face your credit after difficult financial hardship. Let’s take a breather and start with some helpful tips…

  • Clean up reporting Errors
  • Let’s Build New Credit
  • Stabilize your finances
Budgeting and saving

It can be hard to find extra money to set aside as savings.…  It is very difficult to find money to save without a comprehensive and detailed perspective on your own finances. The best way is by getting organized and requires a budget.

Start with a pad of paper and a pen! List every financial obligation you have, and then add all of the discretionary outlays. Identify and quantify your expenses by looking at your bank statements and credit card bills to help remember. If you are having trouble finding money to save each month, this is your chance to rectify that problem. Ask yourself if there is an opportunity to cut costs or even eliminate a category of expense altogether. Putting a detailed budget together takes a little effort, but the benefits, will go well beyond repairing your credit.



When comes to saving, if it’s for a down payment for a house, closing cost, deposit for a rental home, down payment for a new car, RV, boat, saving for a business you want; here are some areas to find savings.

Control the urges

Impulse spending: do you regularly find yourself at the mall buying shoes or household goods that you really don’t need? Dining out; how much do you spend eating at restaurants? There may also be opportunities to save money on some of the big items that you may not have considered like your automobile. It may be possible to refinance your automobile or even trade to another car with a smaller payment. Find a way to redirect some of your spending into a savings account. Enjoy the feeling of building wealth, remember that savings actually provides security and will ensure that when unexpected expenses arise you will not fall behind on your bills.

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